marți, 26 noiembrie 2013

Thomas Houha Designs - Wood, Laser, Art, Perfection!

I discovered Thomas Houha Designs reading a very dear friend's blog. Somehow, I was attracted to these pictures, leaving me speechless for a few minutes. 
Did you know that perfection needs only 10 minutes to be born? Just take a piece of wood (yeah! old-fashioned you will say), a smart dedicated architect and a laser equipment.

Home decor that will adorn your space with a touch of art, science, and mathematics. He designs and creates unique Geometric and Architectural Model Kits. His work is inspired by classic geometric forms that have been central to art, architecture and science throughout history.. This is Thomas Houha Designs! 

You can order his products from can write us!!!

Woodvertising also can do these beautiful little gifts! Just write us at before Christmas!

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