marți, 26 noiembrie 2013

Thomas Houha Designs - Wood, Laser, Art, Perfection!

I discovered Thomas Houha Designs reading a very dear friend's blog. Somehow, I was attracted to these pictures, leaving me speechless for a few minutes. 
Did you know that perfection needs only 10 minutes to be born? Just take a piece of wood (yeah! old-fashioned you will say), a smart dedicated architect and a laser equipment.

Home decor that will adorn your space with a touch of art, science, and mathematics. He designs and creates unique Geometric and Architectural Model Kits. His work is inspired by classic geometric forms that have been central to art, architecture and science throughout history.. This is Thomas Houha Designs! 

You can order his products from can write us!!!

Woodvertising also can do these beautiful little gifts! Just write us at before Christmas!

marți, 5 noiembrie 2013

25 of the World's Most Amazing Libraries

When thinking about libraries most of the people think about books... Well, Woodvertising is thinking about wood. And there is a mesmerizing combination between books, wood and culture.

vineri, 1 noiembrie 2013

Wooden pastry tools - Altered Appliances by the Piet Zwart Institute - Rotterdam

Rollware by Altered Appliances is a project created by Joanne Choueiri, Giulia Cosenza and Povilas Raskevicius. The idea behind the project is to create a set of eatable plates patterned and then cut out with two sets of rolling pins.

miercuri, 30 octombrie 2013

Wooden Old Russia

The story of these houses is quite interesting. They were built by two friends, local peasants who left their villages for St Petersburg, rose from construction workers to propritors of large construction businesses (in fact one of them had worked as contractor during renovation of Winter Palace in St Petersburg in 1890s).
Both of these peasants quit St Petersburg to retire in their home villages and built these estates there. Both houses were built without an architect, by these peasants themselves, but one used plans and drawings of fashionable Russian architect who was one of the creators of this ”gingerbread” Russian art-nouveau style of the 1870s-80s-90s. The houses stand 18km apart from each other in now abandoned villages. The russians plan to open guesthouse / museum / hunting lodge in one of the houses they are renovating. The other one is a private summer house of an artist from Moscow.

joi, 19 septembrie 2013

Woodvertising is born! For your advertising needs!

Woodvertise with us!

Imagine finding a wood designing and engineering company with the equipment to manufacture anything, unlimited capacity, the highest quality standards, unmatched service, and the lowest prices in the marketplace.
At Woodvertising we provide just that by creating an all-star team of different machines ready to create any type and any number of objects, chosen not only by specialty, but also by their track record of quality, service, and dependability.
And since our capabilities and equipment lists are state of the art but the core of our company lies into our team, we not only meet all of your various manufacturing needs, but we can also make recommendations based on what you're trying to achieve rather than a specific piece of equipment we're trying to fill.
Our proprietary technology allows us to quickly search for manufacturing methods based on any parameter you need, making a traditionally laborious process easy, efficient, and painless. And if we manage the process, we guarantee both the quality and your overall satisfaction.
We welcome you to discover our capabilities, meet our team and join us on our way to the next generation advertising!